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Starting from age 8 to adult, Contrary to what you may have heard, Violin is not the most difficult instrument to learn, and you can start at any age and enjoy playing. you can learn classical, traditional fiddling, popular, jazz, blues or a little of each.  I use many methods, but I really like Vamoosh and Suzuki,  I adapt the way you learn to your musical preferences and strengths. You can learn to play the songs that interest you while learning how to: 

- produce a nice sound on the violin

- use proper bow technique

- play with accompaniments or with other musicians

- read music

- develop your ear

- read and understand musical symbols on sheet music

- learn technique and musical theory

- care and maintain your instrument

don't worry if you know absolutely nothing in music, that's often the best place to start. All you need is a violin that is the right size for you and a bow.  The better the instrument, of course the more enjoyment that you and your ears will have, but it isn't necessary to start learning.  I have students that own very expensive instruments and some that have inexpensive instruments.  The most important thing about a violin, is the person playing it. My favourite violin is an over 100 year old beat up violin, It doesn't look that pretty, but it's my favourite. The goal is to have fun and make some music!