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Hi, I'm Jennifer Camche, your teacher

I grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan where I received most of my musical training in classical and popular music. In my early 20's I came to Quebec and since then I have taught music and voice lessons to hundreds of students. I have worked with many musicians and singers of all ages. Some amateur, some professional, and some in the recorded music industry. I have even won some cool awards as a musician, singer, songwriter and vocal coach. It has been a very rewarding career so far and my biggest joy through all of that is seeing people discover and learn music for themselves.

Through over 30 years of teaching and from personal experience, I truly believe that everyone can learn to play an instrument and learn to sing.  You just need to love music, have a method of learning that you enjoy, and do some (ok, a lot of) practicing.  That's my passion, helping you to learn new things and enjoy your instrument. 

You can learn for your pure, personal enjoyment or you can take it to a professional level.  I am happy to help you with whatever your goals are, and help you learn at your own pace focusing on your strengths to help you progress.  My goal is that when you leave my studio after your lesson, you feel proud of your accomplishments and feel happy with the music you are making. It should always be fun. 

***As you probably notice from the slide show and pictures, I have taught music in-person inside of my studio for most of my career.  I changed over to online lessons in 2020 and have never looked back.  The ability to reach new and eager students from all over the world has been so exciting. My local students have remained online because of the convenience too.  I have learned through the experience of teaching online, that it is not being in-person that makes the difference, it is the teacher and the student relationship that is the key to success.