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Starting from age 8 - adult

You will take your lessons with ZOOM. It is like your Skype or FaceTime but better designed for online meetings like lessons. 

You don't need to make an account with Zoom, but you do need to download the application on your device so I can invite you to our lesson.  It is available for Windows, OSX, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones.    You can download ZOOM here

I will schedule the lesson and send you a login link for the specific time that we have chosen


You will need :

- A computer that has a webcam, or a tablet, or even a smartphone. (the larger screen is more pleasant to be able to see the lesson better from your end so I don't recommend phones for that reason.)

- A good high-speed internet connection

- Your instrument  (piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, cello, or just your voice)

- A printer so that you can print out sheets that I will send to you.

-colored highlighters and a pencil to write things on your music

-a speaker or sound system for playing with accompaniments while you practice is not necessary, but really makes your practice so much more fun!

If you have questions about how it all works, and wish to even try a quick connection test, we can try it all out before you schedule your lesson. :) sometimes it takes a little adjusting to place your camera in the right way etc. but adapting to the online environment is quite easy, and you will get the hang of it quickly. 

And you will be playing songs in no time.