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Meet the teacher 


I am Jennifer, 

I will be your teacher, so I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. (You can read more here.

Here are some personal facts about me, 

  • I do play and teach all of the instruments listed here. 
  • The piano was the first instrument that I learned, starting at age 7 . I completed all of my Royal Conservatory exam levels including advanced theory, history, and counterpoint. 
  • At around age 12, I began formal violin lessons and began learning guitar. Then I learned cello. 
  • I officially started teaching music when I was 18 years old at Gordie Brandt's Music school in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. I had over 40-50 students from the start. 
  • I worked as a songwriter and composer for several artists, and also have been a performer throughout different times in my life. You can hear some Soundcloud recordings that I composed and sing here if you are really curious.
  • My number one passion is teaching and writing. I like performing but it is teaching that has always been my first love as a career. 
  • I have a dog -Mindy the daschund, and a cat named Lilly.
  • I have an awesome husband (Mike) who is my business partner in the pro audio part of our company, and we have 3 kids that are grown up and on their own.
  •  My favorite music to p[ay on the:-piano is classical, popular, some blues, and Jazz.-violin is Irish and Celtic, I like playing classical too. -guitar is (acoustic fingerstyle, and country to sing with) and on Electric-definitely hard rock and blues. I like metal too. It's quite varied.-Cello is classical and popular. One of my favorite things is playing popular song covers on cello. 
  • I am a computer and game nerd (still ) it dates back to my days with Atari and Colecovision. (you can guess my age from that) I play some online MMORPGs.
  • Did you say chocolate or espresso? Yep, my faves.

So, there,  you have a bit of an idea of who I am. I aim to be fun and make your lessons enjoyable. We do work hard during your lesson, but I always want you to have a good time. Music is supposed to be fun and make you feel happy. 

This is a small slide show of some of the lessons I have had with students over the past years. Since 2020 the studio moved to an exclusively online format.  We are still having a great time but now with the convenience of lessons in the comfort of your own home instead of you driving to the lesson.